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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Rosebank, West Street, Epsom, Surrey, KT18 7RT
Tel. 01372 727850

Governors of St Joseph's

There are twelve Governors of the School, seven Foundation Governors and five Representative Governors. They work continually to ensure that the school maintains its very high standards. Named Governors take a lead on monitoring progress in all areas of school, rigorously verifying that our children receive a first class education. 

The Full Governing Body meets routinely five times a year. There is a formal agenda set in advance and a wide range of issues concerning the school are discussed.  At each meeting, the Full Governing Body will hear reports from Lead Governors for Finance, for Health and Safety and for Human Resources. Minutes of the Full Governing Body Meeting are available. 

As most areas of school work are brought to the attention of the Full Governing Body, most sub-committees were disbanded in early 2020. The new way of working is proving most effective. The Admissions Committee meets when work requires and is chaired by Mrs Niamh Conroy.  A Finance Committee meets regularly and is chaired by Mr Paul Cullen.

In common with Governors elsewhere, our Governors are volunteers and their work is unpaid.  The Chair of Governors is Niamh Conroy and the Vice Chair is Mo Johnson.  Our Safeguarding Governor is Niamh Conroy.

The Governors at our school work as a dedicated team and have a very specific role to play in ensuring that standards are raised and that our children are happy and confident learners.  To do this, they work closely with the Headteacher and other staff, as well as the Parish, the local authority and parents.  

Governing bodies are required to publish any pecuniary interests on the school website. Currently, none of the governors have interests (business, financial or governance of other schools) to declare. The Governors have no financial allowances.

All Governors serve for a term of four years. Some have continued into a second term.

  Role Date of appointment Attendance at FGB and meetings over the last year 
Foundation Governors appointed by the Bishop of Arundel and Brighton  

Autumn 2021

Spring 2022

Summer 2022
Mr Paul Cullen Lead for Finance Sep-17 Yes Yes Yes
Mrs Niamh Conroy Chair of FGB Sep-17 Yes Yes Yes
Mr Nathan Walters Foundation Sep-17 Yes Yes No
Miss Julia Byrne Foundation Sep-18 Yes Yes Yes
Mrs Mo Johnson Vice Chair of FGB Sep-17 Yes Yes Yes
Canon William Davern Parish Priest Sep-17 Yes No No
Mrs Jane Stewart Lead for Health and Safety Sep-17 Yes Yes Yes

Representative Governors representing the County and Local Councils, the parents and staff





Mrs Theresa Kenefick Headteacher 2001 Yes Yes Yes
Mrs Karen Hawkey Parent Governor Sep-21 n/a Yes Yes
Mr Trevor Foale Parent Governor Sep-21 n/a Yes Yes
Mrs Andrea Cooke Staff Governor Sep -21 n/a Yes Yes
Mrs Jane Goss Local Authority and Lead for Human Resources Sep-21 Yes Yes Yes

Governors 100 Club

Why not join the 100 club and have a chance at   winning a good cash prize each month! Application Forms are given below and should be returned to the school office.