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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Rosebank, West Street, Epsom, Surrey, KT18 7RT
Tel. 01372 727850


We know that children thrive when the full scope of their talents is unleashed.

Drama is taught in tandem with the literacy curriculum, with a strong relationship between speaking and listening confidence.

Through planned lessons for each year group, children are able to explore different drama conventions and use them to deepen understanding across the curriculum as well as planned opportunities for children to use drama to retrieve learning from prior year groups.

From Reception, we build the foundation blocks for future learning. Children learn situational role-play and explore settings. They will reenact well known stores like The 3 Little Pigs and The Gruffalo. They will also perform to a large audience in their Nativity play.

By the time they reach year 2, the children begin to develop a character's personality and actions and they perform a full scale production to their parents and the school.

Drama is also used to:

  • Develop self-confidence when speaking in front of their peers.
  • Develop the ability to share ideas when working as part of a group or in pairs.
  • Develop imagination and creativity.
  • Explore different areas of drama such as directing and script writing.
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    Music, dance and drama are very important elements of the all-round curriculum we offer to the children.

    We provide many opportunities for children to perform regularly in front of an audience through show and tell, poetry, Shakespeare and instrumental recitals, liturgical and drama events.  

    During the year, each class has the opportunity to perform a class assembly in front of the school and parents.

    As well as this, children enjoy putting on year group performances for the rest of the school, parents and our wider community. See our Performance page for more details. 

Performing at St. Joseph's

Reception – Perform the nativity.

Year 1 – Perform the Christmas Story along with Christmas hymns and songs.

Year 2 – Perform a musical that is performed as a matinée and evening shows.

Year 3 – Children lead the May Procession after taking their First Holy Communion.

Year 4 – Harvest Festival – performed in church during Mass.

Year 5 – Passion Play. -a performance to show the final week of Jesus’  life on earth.

Year 6 – Shakespeare play or musical that is performed as a matinée and evening shows.