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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Rosebank, West Street, Epsom, Surrey, KT18 7RT
Tel. 01372 727850

Measuring Impact

How do we know that we deliver a curriculum of quality?

Firstly, the outcomes from end of key stage assessments are a very clear indication that what we do is effective.

Secondly, our community tell us in feedback following key events. The messages of gratitude received at the end of academic years are a good indication that parents recognise that the curriculum offer at St Joseph’s is both special and effective.

We are involved in a number of outreach programmes, helping to shape the development of other professionals. Our Deputy Head is a Maths and Mastery Specialist, working on a weekly basis for the NEHS MathsHub.  We also train a cohort of Early Career Teachers from across Surrey, who are in their first year of teaching. Our Leader for Religious Education is an inspector for Catholic schools.  Until recently, we were a Teaching School, leading several other primary schools in CPD and collaboration. We are asked to provide these services because the quality of the education offered at St Joseph’s is regarded highly.

Our children tell us in regular surveys that they feel happy and safe. They relish all the additional opportunities we provide to help them reach their best selves. Regular surveys ensure that we are listening to them.

The quality of the work evidenced in children’s books is testament to the breadth and depth of learning they do. Children take pride in their work. From the day each child starts school, we keep their Special Books and when they leave in year six, we hand them back, tied in a ribbon as a memento of the journey they made with us. This celebrates their perseverance and determination to do well.

We believe that we lead children towards mastery of all curriculum areas.  We know that outcomes for them in terms of end of year and key stage assessment results indicate that this is the case. However, on the ground on a daily basis we see children who are keen to learn, self-driven to succeed and making great progress.